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The Blue Ocean Law Firm 

“…But what if we imagined a Blue Ocean Law Firm.

One that ditched the conventional wisdom, and set out on a new path building the law firm from scratch.

Our Blue Ocean firm wouldn’t bill by the hour and it wouldn’t incentivize the attorneys by encouraging long hours. Instead, it would bill based on the work completed, in a clear itemized manner. It would drop the Partner / non-Partner tracks and court attorneys who were interested in making a very good salary while practising their profession for 40+ hours a week and having a life outside of the firm, rather than working young associates to death with the promise of potentially making ungodly amounts of money in the future.

And most importantly, the Blue Ocean firm would actively write their legal documents in English rather than legalese and would strive to minimize the length of those documents whenever possible. Rather than making attorneys unnecessary, this would make them more approachable…” 

Source: Extract from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: By Ryan McClead on August 8, 2011.   

Your innovative Counsel

-> chart new markets.

Proactive, value-focused, freelance Lawyers +

Business Management Consultants.

->   using Blue Ocean Strategy®

to chart new markets…

making your competition irrelevant.

Our Unique Business Model

We form cross-disciplinary teams to help our clients implement structured innovation programmes.

This leads to consistent innovation, whilst we help select, refine and execute the best strategic initiatives.

On the legal front, in addition to our core team of freelance lawyers, we have collaboration arrangements with more than fifty (5o) hand-picked lawyers.  This ensures that we have the deep legal skills and scalability to tackle any legal challenge.

More than Legal Services

  • Business +/Or Legal Technology Solutions (BOLTS).

Our 24/7 Support Team

Our back office support is outsourced 24/7 to Australian-based, quality accredited, senior paralegals.

We also offer opportunities for self-starter legal and business students or graduates to gain relevant experience.

Blue Ocean Law Group is bold, innovative and proactive.

We are your trusted guide through unchartered waters.

Bringing Legal into Strategy Development: A New Blue Ocean? 

“Bringing legal expertise into business strategy development is the natural conclusion of the process which the author has advocated of lawyers to becoming more nuanced and practical business advisors.”

Source: Robert Fleming Lawyers, British Columbia ( article).   

What lawyers learn from clowns: Blue Ocean Strategy

What do Cirque du Soleil and NewLaw have in common? They are both a demonstration of value innovation and both swim in a Blue Ocean.

Late last year I wrote a blog that referred to Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and I had quite a bit of feedback.  That feedback convinced me that not many people really understand what is at the heart of BOS.  Since then I think I’ve read all there is to read about it. So what is at the heart of Blue Ocean Strategy and why is this relevant to law?”

Source: Warren Riddell, Law, LPO, Strategy – Beaton Capital (28 January, 2014).   

Future legal market ‘will not be pure law’

“It’s vital that today’s legal professionals start preparing for what the future legal market is going to look like, according to a principal at Fortinberry Murray.


Speaking to Lawyers Weekly ahead of the upcoming Future Forum, Dr Bob Murray, principal at Fortinberry Murray, said that it’s now become a necessity for lawyers to be planning ahead, as the future legal market is set to be vastly different than as we know it today.


“The future of the ‘legal’ market for many firms will not be pure law, or maybe not ‘law’ at all,” Dr Murray said.


“Clients will want a broader range of advice. They’ll be looking for wisdom. They’ll be looking for an adviser who can ask the questions that they hadn’t thought of asking. An adviser who knows their business inside out.”

Source: Emma Ryan, Lawyers Weekly (21 September 2017).   

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